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MediaGroup Performance:

International RTB Advertising

MediaGroup Performance (MGP) is a programmatic only agency focusing on international media buying. We have more than 15 years of experience buying online media across international markets. Utilising unique and exclusive data, premium placements and cutting edge technology, MGP can bring you business at scale and to tight performance goals. We operate within a performance framework where measurability is the key to a successful marketing campaign.
Our services include:

  • DSP (RTB) media buying
  • Programmatic strategy – Audience, Sites, Behavioural
  • Marketing data services – DMP setup and data buying
  • Verticals – Financial Services, Luxury Goods


About Rtb

RTB stands for Real Time Bidding and in practice means buying unsold banner impressions on an electronic auction.

The more you bid, the more likely you will get a specific impression, just like a normal auction.

Publishers offer these impressions in real time to an auction in order to sell impressions they haven’t sold directly. They usually do so at a much lower price than direct buys which means your marketing can perform much better with this lower cost.

The trade-off is that impressions are never guaranteed (as it’s an auction) and so planning advertising on specific sites is very difficult.




The cost of advertising is one of the many strengths of using RTB. We do not charge any fixed fees or enforce minimum monthly billings, but since RTB needs data in order to perform we cannot deliver campaigns with a budget of less than 5000€ per month. On a day to day basis, budgets are flexible and can be adjusted up or down depending on your appetite for business one day versus another. The cost of advertising on RTB exchanges varies greatly depending on the competition for a spot (remember it’s an auction!) and the tactic used, but generally lies between 2 and 6€ per thousand banner impressions for standard format campaigns.

MediaGroup Performance only runs campaigns on a cost per impression basis and does not run any affiliate or cost per acquisition campaigns at this time.

How to Contact us

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MediaGroup Performance

Tel: +44 20 3286 1144 / +45 2687 0107


MediaGroup Performance (MGP) is an independent and technology agnostic provider of RTB related services for the financial services industry. By utilising unique and exclusive data, premium financial placements and cutting edge technology, we help agencies and brands generate low cost, high quality leads and clients at scale.

Based in London, Copenhagen and Geneva, MGP is run by a group of senior marketers with a financial services background. MGP is a part of the MediaGroup Worldwide. This is an independent group of niche marketing agencies and service providers that deliver International Performance Marketing™ for companies in the financial industry.

In all cases, our agencies bring senior staff, industry experience and marketing knowledge to companies with a focus on the bottom line. MGWW agencies are full service and help clients with Strategy and Creative, Media Buying, Public Relations, CRM and Marketing Automation, Research, Pay Per Click Marketing, SEO and more.

To learn more, please contact us or read more about RTB and our Performance Marketing method.