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For financial advertising, campaign goals usually vary between branding and direct response. Whereas branding advertisers care mostly about brand awareness and influencing brand perception, direct response advertisers are mostly focussing on results such as numbers of clients and leads.

Historically, when it comes to online marketing for financial brands, PPC has been the main vehicle for performance advertisers while display marketing on premium financial sites has been utilized for branding purposes. Advertisers have been trying to do performance display marketing, but it has been difficult to do so at scale and at reasonable performance metrics. While PPC advertising is effective at what it does, it mostly touches potential clients in the later stages of the conversion funnel. At the same time, the issue with brand advertising is that it’s often too expensive, and inflexible when it comes optimization.

RTB is able to fill in the gaps. First, it is cheap, scalable and measurable and is thus perfect to make display work for financial direct response advertising. Secondly, it allows for cost effective advertising on premium financial publications and thus also works well for brand advertisers. Lastly, by employing a variety of tactics, RTB advertising allows us to market along the entire conversion funnel from awareness to interest to conversion.

So we believe that while PPC, Display and other types of online advertising are here to stay, there needs to be a place for RTB in your online marketing plan in order to run a well-rounded marketing mix, especially when considering the gap between Performance and Branding campaign goals.


Where can I advertise with RTB?

Depending on which technology is used, these electronic platforms connect to a lot of different auction places that offer different impressions (also called inventory) for sale. So you might find impressions on Yahoo on one place, the Google network on another auction and AOL impressions on yet another. A good provider gives you access to all these auctions (called exchanges) from one centralised platform.

Which sites we can access depends on the country target, the creative formats available, the campaign goals as well as budget. That being said, the majority of larger and smaller sites are available through RTB. Niche specific medium size sites are usually more difficult as they tend to sell out through direct sales efforts. MediaGroup Performance can help you overcome this obstacle by utilizing proprietary data and private networks.

MediaGroup Performance can run RTB campaigns on all major premium financial sites as well as targeting visitors of niche specific sites elsewhere. Please contact us for a custom proposal so we can share specific target sites.


How do you optimize
results for performance?


When it comes to financial services companies, a lot of advertising is done without knowing if the activity is actually working. This is a shame because being online makes almost everything measurable. And you can improve what you can measure. For this reason, International Performance Marketing™ is what we are about.

We look at the start of a campaign as the beginning point of our work, instead of the end of it. This is where start to run some of the tactics that have proven to work well for companies marketing similar products. When we have some further data, we start to optimize and do more of what works, while doing less of what doesn’t. Wash, rinse,repeat.

During a campaign we deliver a weekly custom report, mention the optimizations we have done during the week and show you the data to back it up. Besides the standard metrics like cost, clicks and impressions, the things we measure include leads and clients generated. We use this and a vast array of other data to optimize in real-time and ensure your campaign delivers as it should.

What does it cost and what is the
minimum budget?

The cost of advertising is one of the many strengths of using RTB. We do not charge any fixed fees or enforce minimum monthly billings, but since RTB needs data in order to perform we cannot deliver campaigns with a budget of less than € 5000 per month. On a day to day basis, budgets are flexible and can be adjusted up or down depending on your appetite for business one day versus another. The cost of advertising on RTB exchanges varies greatly depending on the competition for a spot (remember it’s an auction!) and the tactic used, but generally lies between 2 and 6€ per thousand banner impressions for standard format campaigns.

MediaGroup Performance only runs campaigns on a cost per impression basis and does not run any affiliate or cost per acquisition campaigns at this time.


Is it safe for my Brand?


Running advertising through RTB means being seen on a large number of sites, whether they are selected by hand or automatically.

Coming from the financial industry we understand as no other the issues a financial brand could face if seen advertising in the wrong places. That’s why we have developed custom products like the Financial Performance 500 site targeting tactic, that ensure your advertising only runs on sites that have been carefully selected (and approved by you) to ensure brand safety. In addition, we run campaigns through industry leading content and site verification technology in order to ensure brand safety.

For those financial companies that want the most control of their brand while enjoying the benefits of RTB we have various other solutions available. Please contact us for more information.

What is the downside to using RTB?

This is a good question. While RTB has many strengths the reason why the cost is lower is that we are usually buying remnant inventory. This means impressions not sold directly by publishers that make bigger profits on those direct campaigns. That in turn makes delivery on any one site uncertain, one day there is inventory available and another there isn’t. We cannot plan to run 1 million impressions on Site X. What we can do is plan to run 1 million impressions on 20 or a hundred sites. In short, the trade-off is lower cost and better performance for higher uncertainty. We think it’s a good deal.


Why Work with MediaGroup Performance?


What sets MediaGroup Performance apart when it comes to RTB vendors is our long experience with international media buying across international markets. We operate in a performance environment where measurability and performance is key.

Based in London, Copenhagen and Geneva, MGP is run by a group of senior marketers with a financial services background. MGP is a part of the MediaGroup World Wide. This is an independent group of niche marketing agencies and service providers that deliver International Performance Marketing™ for companies in the financial industry. In all cases, our agencies bring senior staff, industry experience and marketing knowledge to companies with a focus on the bottom line. MGWW agencies are full service and help clients with Strategy and Creative, Media Buying, Public Relations, CRM and Marketing Automation, Research, Pay Per Click Marketing, SEO and more.