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What sets MediaGroup Performance apart is our long experience in international media buying. Because of our focus and expertise, we offer a set of products that are uniquely suited for international brands, regardless of their campaign goal.

The process of advertising with us consists of four simple steps:

  1. Defining the campaign goal
  2. Selecting relevant tactics
  3. Data collection and analysis
  4. Start of campaign

While we are happy to walk you through all of this in person or on the phone (and suggest campaign goals and tactics), we’ll discuss each step of the process below in more detail.

Step one: What is your campaign goal?

Advertisers often run advertising with multiple goals, but focus the majority of efforts on one of the three. When we have the campaign goal selected, we discuss measurable performance goals closely related to these goals. For instance cost per lead and cost per client goals for conversion oriented campaigns or unaided awareness for awareness campaigns.

Step two: Which tactics should we run?

After selecting the campaign goals we are ready to advice on specific tactics to deliver on your campaign goal. Tactics can be mixed and matched and we are able to create specific campaign tactics should your brief require it.

Conversion Relative cost for RTB tactics

Brand Retargeting™: The most widely used RTB tactic for increasing conversions targets users that have visited your site without converting. This tactic applies proprietary data and segmenting to deliver the right retargeting message at the right time, on finance relevant sites.

Channel Targeted™: Targeting a wide set of channel sites at low cost allows for optimization at scale. A unique set of data and optimization techniques make this low cost tactic a top performer.

Performance 500™: 500 of the best performing sites for a specific segment, individually selected to ensure high performance and reach.

Context Performance™: Delivering leads and clients to brands by finding relevant content and targeting advertising accordingly.

Behavioural Performance™: A proprietary data driven tactic that delivers ads to a specific audience on relevant sites.

Audience Focus™: Targeting specific individuals as they visit a variety of sites by using a unique set of data that combines location, income and demographic information.

Interest Index™: A unique tactic that combines demographic and interest data, with a custom set of high quality sites in order to deliver high quality leads and clients.

Targeted Mobile ™: Utilizing premium publishers, this tactic targets mobile and tablet users in your target audience to deliver unparalleled ROI, at scale.

HNWI Delivery™: This tactic blends a proprietary mix of data that targets (ultra) high net worth individuals with an interest in financial markets with the premium publishers.

Awareness Relative cost for RTB tactics

Broad Reach 250™: A proprietary domain driven tactic that targets 250 of the most popular domains and allows for maximum awareness building among the target audience with larger banner formats.

Context Impact™: This tactic automatically finds content and targets the target audience using impactful larger banner sizes.

Audience Awareness™: A data driven tactic that targets an audience by using a unique set of data that combines location, income and demographic information. Advertising is done with larger size banner creative.

Urban Impact™: This tactic targets individuals in the world’s biggest urban centres through a combination of behavioural and demographic data and drives awareness for the right kind of audience.

Behavioural Impact™: A proprietary data driven tactic that delivers ads to a specific audience on 250 of the most popular domains using high impact banner creative sizes.

Mobile Brand Reach™: Targeting a specific audience while they are on the go, this tactic combines mobile and tablet targeting with larger mobile banner formats to create great mobile awareness.

BIG Impact™: Delivering BIG impact banner formats such as interstitials, half page and site wraps to a specific audience for increased awareness.

Premium Reach 30™: Targeting only the most premium publishers with larger format creatives, this tactic creates awareness in all the right places.

Video Impact™: Showing 15 or 30 second video ads, this tactic allows for great brand awareness impact while staying editorially relevant.

Brand Attitude Relative cost for RTB tactics

Editorial Context Impact™: A tactic that targets placement along relevant content in order to grab attention while the audience is in information seeking mood.

Newspaper 25™: Targeting 25 of the worlds most highly regarded newspapers and their intellectual and influential target audience, this tactic allows for maximum reach amongst opinion makers.

Social Influencers Index™: With a unique set of data this tactic allows brands to target influencers that are active sharing information on social media and shape the opinions of the influencers that matter.

Social Media Marketing Impact™: This tactic allows brands to target a specific audience from within Social Media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, thereby allowing them to shape opinions where they get shared.

Video Power Editorial™: Showing video of any length within relevant content, this custom format video banner allows advertisers to promote editorial content beyond the scope of a short commercial.

Step three: Data collection and analysis

Once we have an understanding of the type of tactics and your campaign goal we are ready to start collecting data on your website.

By placing a tiny piece of code on your site, we will look at things like your visitor profile, what profiles your converters versus those that don’t convert have, which kinds of sites they visit, where they are from, what demographic profiles they have and what their interests are. Suffice it to say, after this period, we will have a solid understanding of your site visitors.

This service is done free of charge, as it allows us to gain the solid understanding and data needed in order to run a successful campaign for you.



N.B.: In case you were wondering; this process doesn’t collect any sensitive data from your visitors and is completely compliant with privacy regulations.

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  • 79%
  • 57%

Step four: Start of your Campaign

We look at the start of a campaign as the beginning point of our work, instead of the end of it.

This is where we start to run some of the tactics that have proven to work well for companies marketing similar products. When we have some further data, we start to optimize and do more of what works, while doing less of what doesn’t. Wash, rinse, repeat.

During a campaign we deliver a weekly custom report, mention the optimizations we have done during the week and show you the data to back it up. Besides the standard metrics like cost, clicks and impressions, the things we measure include leads and clients generated. We use this and a vast array of other data to optimize in real-time and ensure your campaign delivers as it should.